Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Paul

I don't write much on this blog anymore, but it doesn't feel quite right to let THIS day pass without writing here.

Yesterday I read a quote that made me choke up while reading aloud to the girls.  We've been reading about Amy Carmichael's life.  She had a long and full life of humble service in India, never married and began an orphanage there where she was known as "Amma" or Mother.  One of the things that has stood out to me most in her life is her desire to get rid of all the dross in her life and heart and to live only for things that are eternal.

A man who had been her partner in ministry for years and through many trials and tribulations passed away suddenly from food poisoning.  One of the women Amy worked with said, "it is very difficult to see how this is for the best."  Amy replied, "it is not difficult to see how this is for the best; it is impossible.  But we are asked to walk not by sight but by faith, and only faith can allow us to let him go without bitterness."

Amen.  Thank you God for being our rock and for tenderly nudging us along as we walked/walk (crawled?) with you.