Sunday, July 17, 2011

They're Growing Up Too Fast

Hope will be FIVE in about 2 weeks. FIVE! How did that happen? She's giving herself her own showers now and we're starting to give each other knowing looks and laughing at the same things. She does so much for herself she doesn't even need me. Well, not quite.

And Anna, well she talks more than the rest of us combined. The other night she was hollering something from her room, well past bedtime. I went in and she said "Where'd Hopey go?" Then I looked at Hope's bed and she was fast asleep. Anna, I guess, was not done talking to her.

And Phoebe - well I know babyhood goes by way too fast so I'm trying to stare at her as much as possible. I think I'm succeeding. She's already got some chunky legs going on, and she is SMILING at us more and more. We all love it. I love her fuzzy head and I've affectionately given her the nickname - Phoebe Fuzzy Head.

Here are some recent pictures.

We went to some friends' house who live on a parade route. It was awesome. The big girls loved it and collected an insane amount of candy.

Here they are with their little friends.

Miss America!

It was a nice and relaxing time.

Phoebe at an outdoor concert we went too. We thought it was going to be patriotic, but it turned out to be Big Band music. Which was fine. Several of the old people got up and danced during the songs which was sweet. Anna got up and danced, too.

Auntie Rah-rah came to visit! It was fun. She rocked Phoebe a lot, took the girls shopping and to Starbucks, we got to talk a lot -about wedding planning and such. I can't believe she's getting MARRIED!!! It was fun.

Pretty in pink.

Rah-rah and Phoebe on the day they met. We picked her up from the airport and went to an Andrew Peterson concert in Wisconsin.

These are all of the fallen trees/limbs on the side of the road across the street from us. We had a very bad thunderstorm on Monday morning that shut off our power for 5 whole days! It was an adventuresome week. We were so thankful to God that it wasn't very hot last week! By Thursday early morning we had a friends' generator up and running so that our refrigerator could be running and we could have a lamp on at night. The girls thought it was fun to shower in the dark.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Time

Its finally become summer here. Yesterday was a hot one, so we got out the pool. And as you can see, the girls have really outgrown it. Good thing they still enjoy it! They really don't know any different :)

We have 2 small cherry trees in our yard, and the girls helped me pit(sp?) them. The trees make barely enough for one pie. They look like they're a bloody mess, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Our sweet 5 week old baby. She's been going a 4 hours stretch the last few nights, so that's nice. And she's really sweet and cute. We love her so much!