Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Phoebe Ann

Little Phoebe Ann was born on May 27th, at 9:59am. She is now nearly 4 weeks old. We are in love with her! She's the perfect addition to our family, and is loved by 2 very in love big sisters. These last 4 weeks have been wonderful. She's been held a ton, hugged, kissed and cuddled with non-stop. I'm in no hurry to get back to a clean house and regular activity, yet. I know these weeks go by too fast. We are continually thankful throughout our days to our God for this new gift to our family. We are so glad that she is here and in our arms. Here are some pictures:

Me as big as a house the night before her arrival. Phew! Am I glad that is over with.

Me meeting her for the first time. C-sections aren't that romantic, but still a special moment, no doubt. Have I mentioned how insane having abdominal surgery is when you're awake? Its insane. Glad its behind me.

I love her!!!

Our first family of 5 picture.

Grammy meeting Phoebe for the first time. Grammy and Pappy came and took care of the big girls and helped out around the house. Thank you!!! It was so wonderful to have them here and to know that the girls were well taken care of and having fun! (They went to the zoo, beach, and Chuckecheese).

Pappy meeting Phoebe for the first time.

The three sisters. What fun we will (are having) have!

Leaving the hospital.

Daddy and his girls. They really love him.

Grammy and her grand-girls.

First sponge bath at home.

I think we have a picture like this of the the other two in this bassinet. She likes to turn her head to the side when she's sleeping.

Hopey really is a natural with babies. She is SO GOOD with Phoebe.

Nannie meeting Phoebe for the first time. Papa and Nannie got here when she was 10 days old. They took super good care of us - buying us groceries, cooking, cleaning. It felt so good to be taken care of, and to share this special time with them!

Papa meeting Phoebe for the first time.

2 Weeks Old! More pictures to come...


Sarah said...

Congratulations! I totally understand about having c-section and hearing (and understanding in my experience) everything. I had Emily in Thailand where there was an additional language barrier, but with Will I could understand it all. :) Hope your recovery is going well! Blessings to you and Mark and your sweet family!

Jenni said...

Love these pics! Thanks for posting them. We love the updates.

And yes, c-sections are bizarre. Can't quite believe we're actually awake during them - yikes! :) But the end result is worth it. :)

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