Friday, June 24, 2011

Hope's First T-ball Practice

Hope had her first T-ball practice last week. The name of her team is the "Hooks." She thinks its a really great name. They have their first game on Saturday. She picked out her pink and purple glove. T-ball is funny because the kids really don't know how to do anything. Mark is getting to help coach and is having fun.

In her new t-ball shirt and glove.

She requested that Nannie take a picture of her back with her number.

Practicing her swing. This girl LOVES to tuck in her shirt. We cannot convince her to do otherwise sometimes.

Coach Mark.


Hope and Coach Daddy.

And, a cute picture of Anna.

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Auntie Sherry said...

So fun! I love watching T-Ball games; they really are a hoot "because the kids really don't know how to do anything."