Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recent Pictures

Things have been pretty low-key around here. We're just waiting for Spring. The tree in the front of the house has some buds on it... so hopeful. I have also started hearing some birds - also hopeful. But the highs projected for the next 10 days are in the 30's... so we still have a way to go. We've been working on potty training Anna this week and I'm pretty sure that potty training might be the most sanctifying part of parenting thus far for me. Today was the best day yet, so hopefully tomorrow we'll be on the way up.

Hope and Daddy talk time. She really asks deep questions about life. She also appreciates frank and non-watered down answers. I love her heart.

Hope and Anna are having more and more fun together everyday it seems. Anna really is a funny, fun-loving kid. She's up for any adventure (except for potty training, mind you :).

Mark and I got to go to Chicago to see Les Miserables last week and stay the night. It was our little babymoon. A very nice family from church told us we must go before the baby comes, and that they'd watch our children, so we took them up on it. The girls had a blast. Our camera battery died right after this picture. Bummer.

Hope's been working on memorizing some Bible verses and when she got to 5 we took her out for an ice cream cone. It was fun and she was excited :)

I'm telling you... she is the cutest thing I've ever seen right now. Potty training has rarely been this peaceful, but this was a sweet moment :)