Thursday, October 28, 2010

Go Giants!

We've been watching a lot of baseball lately. Mark's been following the Giants since he was 5. Its a Rogers' family thing. I've been following the Giants (kind of, through Mark) since 2002 when Mark and I started dating. Thankfully they went to the World Series that year, so it was easy to jump on the band wagon. Here they are again at the World Series in 2010. I like that we have a family team, and that its baseball. I'm glad I played softball for so long so that I understand what's going on and can participate. We're teaching the girls, too.

Here they are last night before game 1, ready to go.

Hope and Mark went to a game at Wrigley a month ago when the Giants were in town. She absolutely loves it. This was the first time she learned how to crack open her own peanuts.

Daddy and Hope.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grace Christian Academy

To Homeschool, or not to Homeschool... that is the question.

We're still learning a lot and looking into this possible endeavor. One way we are doing so, is by having Hope go to Grace Christian Academy - a homeschool coop of sorts - put together by a group of people from our church. She goes every Thursday afternoon, for story time and then craft/snack time (and there's some play in there, too). She loves it. I'm responsible for the craft time, so its fun to see her interact with her little friends (14 of them), and we get a little Hopey/Mommy date out of it. A nice perk of having a husband who works from home 3 days a week is home during Anna's nap time so we can go.

Here we are on her first day of "school." :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Kevin Rogers Family Visit

We had all three sets of the the Rogers' family visit this summer. All three were a blast. We're so thankful they all came! Kevin and Mark did some home repair stuff (which was so helpful), we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, played around in Chicago, and spent some time on the beach of Lake Geneva. I married into a beautiful family, for sure. And I have great nephews, who did well in a house of baby dolls, strollers, and little people.

Anna and Auntie Jackie.

The cousins playing in the backyard.

Hehe - TRYING so hard to get a picture of the cousins after church. I think its still framable.

Making sand castles at Lake Geneva. Its a lake in Wisconsin that many people in the area vacation at.

Anna and Uncle Kevin going to the park.

Playing at the "Bean" in downtown Chicago.

A sweet picture of cousins.

There was a "Tall Ships" exhibit at Navy Pier, so we went. The boys really enjoyed it.

Jackie swooning over Elvis at our 50's McDonalds.

These boys and their dad love licorice.

Ice cream at McDonalds.

Another picture at the Tall Ships exhibit.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Usually Like To Keep Things Updated On the Blog, But...

We've just been having a busy Fall! Busy, but good. I usually don't like to use "busy" as an excuse for anything, but I guess its okay for blogging.

We've added some commitments in the last couple of months and Mark's been working on his dissertation proposal. Which by the way, he passed his dissertation proposal hearing this last Thursday. Hurray! Now, he can formally begin his dissertation. The last hurdle in this schooling journey (and the biggest). He's writing on Edward Dorr Griffin. Never heard of him? Then you'll have to buy the book.... :)

I love being at home with the girls, and have really been trying to make the most of their waking hours. Hope's learning lots about letters and Anna's been learning a lot of new words and putting two or three together. They are growing in beauty, inside and out. That little Anna is a hoot.

I hope to set up some picture posts for later this week. I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats. :)