Friday, September 17, 2010

The Humid Mid-West

This is what the bugs did to us this summer! I know it looks horrible. Thankfully the swelling went down pretty quickly. This happened at 10 in the morning, while I was filling the pool for some swimming. Needless to say, we quickly went inside and didn't go swimming. We are very thankful that the mosquitoes have decided to go away until next summer, and we can now go outside again without taking a bath in bug spray.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Little One at 22 months

Our sweet little Anna is cuter than ever! She'll say almost anything now, one word at a time. She LOVES her sister and wants to do everything she does. Thankfully, she also really loves her mama and daddy. One of her favorite words is "no," even when its not appropriate. She likes to sweep with the big broom, take her babies on walks, ride in the stroller, eat, play in the sandbox, read, watch 5 minutes of tv at a time, and do anything that Hope is doing. I lover her in pigtails. She is such a sweet baby girl!

Miss Amy and Miss Vicki's Visit

In August, our sweet friends Amy and Vicki came up to visit from Kentucky. We are so blessed to have friends who will travel to visit! It was a short and sweet trip. We did a little shopping, lots of talking and catching up, went to church, and of course had some Giordano's pizza. We are thankful for Amy and Vicki and are always struck by the servants that each of them are in their respective families, in their church and to everyone around them. Thanks for coming to visit, ladies!

Vicki, Amy and the girls.

Hope and Amy.

The girls and Amy. Sweet Anna has a hard time with pictures sometimes.


Vicki and Hopey playing and cuddling.