Sunday, August 08, 2010

Papa and Nannie's Visit!

Last month Papa and Nannie came to visit! It was a GREAT 9 day visit! We saw and did lots, and just enjoyed a lot of fun times together. Papa helped us weed... a lot!! It turns out that Papa enjoys weeding, so he helped us to fully weed 2 plots and then we were also able to plant tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, watermelon, peppers, and pumpkin. It was so great to get it all done and we certainly wouldn't have been able to do it without their help! Papa, Nannie, Mark and Hope got to go out and see fireworks on the 4th and they had a great time. Mark and I also got to go downtown, just the 2 of us, for about 36 hours and we had so much fun! But, that's for another post. Thank you so much for coming, Nannie and Papa! We love you, and we made many great memories with you. Here are some of our favorite pictures with Nannie and Papa:

Nannie and the girls at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Nannie loves flowers.

In Target with Nannie after Hope's first ballet class. Daddy and Papa went to a Giants/Brewers game in Milwaukee.

Hopey playing outside with Papa and Nannie.

Apparently we really love Cracker Barrel! Actually, it is one of Nannie's favorite restaurants. We went there twice while they were here!

Mark and his dad are two peas in a pod. In the evenings, if there was a Giants game on, they had it on the computer. And I'm so glad they had each other to talk over the ins and outs of the Giants :)

Decorating the Rogers Family Apple Pie with Nannie.

Nannie brought several crafts to do with the girls. They made some 4th of July themed necklaces that were a hit.

This picture is funny because it is often how Anna looks. Thankfully she is figuring out how to push the hair out of her face, but most of the time she just won't keep a bow (or hair tie) in. So sad for her bow-making Mom. :) And, I'm not about to cut it, yet.

Reading with Nannie.

We took a trip downtown one day to Navy Pier.

The girls got to ride on the Thomas train on the pier.

Papa and Anna at Ghiradelli's for ice cream.

Nannie and Hope at the American Girl store. She had fun showing Nannie and Papa around.

We took a little boat ride off the pier along the Chicago skyline. It was a beautiful day!


Getting the plants ready.

Nannie and Hopey :)

Papa and Hopey.


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