Friday, July 09, 2010

Staycation #1: Phil and Jill's Visit

Mark's brother Phil, Aunt Jill, Luke and Andrew came for a visit last month. We're having all of Mark's family at different times this summer come to visit, so we are "staycationing" and we are having a lot of fun. Really, this area seems to have so much to offer the opportunities are endless! Of course, you would need and endless supply of money as well :) We had so much fun with them and made lots of good memories.

The cousins checking out the girls' room.

Uncle Phil and Anna.

Mark, Phil, Luke and Hopey went to a Cubs game. They had fun!

I wonder how many times she will got to Wrigley with her Daddy before we leave here?

Cousins holding hands taking a walk: priceless.

Yet another baseball game at Miller Park in Milwaukee. This time we all got to go.

This is a picture of the kids at the park across the street.

A day at the beach? No - just a great park about 5 minutes away with a huge sand pit. We always have to strip the girls before we get in the car after playing here.

Playing in the Millenium Park water fountain downtown. Anna threw up in her sleep the night before, so Anna and I stayed home. They took the train and had a great time exploring Chicago.

Some down time.

Having fun in the backseat on the way to the game.

Pictures out of order. Family picture at Miller Park.

The cousins at Miller Park.

They let the kids run the bases after the game. Mark helped Anna out.

Hopey running the bases - can you see her?

We went to the local children's museum which is a favorite during the winter time or on rainy days. Here is Hope shopping in the pretend grocery store. She is so intense. They also let kids paint their own faces there, which is why she has black all on her face.

Another downtown water park picture.

Auntie Jill, Luke and Hopey on a bus downtown.


sherry said...

Looks like some great times! Cousins are so fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun for the kids to get such great cousin time!Such things never change! Grammy

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