Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mark's Birthday Party

Here are some pictures that our friend Ben took when we had some friends over to celebrate Mark's birthday.

Look at the camera, Anna!

Fun times. I set up our tent that we got as a wedding gift, that had (sadly) never been used, to entertain the kids and it seemed to work well. They only knocked it over a couple of times. Notice also the "Off" in the picture. The mosquitos are eating us alive over here! They seem to like young child flesh especially.

Corn Hole: The great mid-western past-time. Its kind of like horseshoes.

More corn hole. Nice action shot of the birthday boy. :)

Sweet Hopey.

Sweet Little Anna.

Our family away from family. (Don't worry Grandmas, they could never replace you!) 2 of these families are moving away in the next month. Sad. Also notice Hope holding the newborn. She really loves babies.

I put this one up on the front page of the bow site. Too bad Anna was leaning the wrong way. Cute girls :)


sherry said...

Anna's spunk really shows through in the picture in the car. I love the group photo, too. I think you will appreciate having that when you look back on these memories down the road.

Love you and miss you. We desperately need a visit!

Jenn said...

I cannot believe how long Hope's hair is! Amie's is still so short and thin! They both look so beautiful! Thanks for posting these!

Natalie said...

I'm so glad that Mark had a great birthday party. I'm sad that we had to miss it.

Natalie said...

I'm so glad that Mark had a great birthday party. I'm sad that we had to miss it.

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