Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Brilliant Bows Website

Brilliant Bows' new website is up and running. It was time for a new look and I really like it! I'm still playing around with how to organize everything and what exactly should be on the front page. If you are a person who would shop for bows, or if you just like to give opinions :), then please let me know what you think of the information that is on the welcome page. Too much? Too little? Not right? Let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Girls

This is our Mother's Day picture. Mark and the girls each gave me a list of the top 15 things they love about Mommy. Anna had a little help with hers. I will keep them forever. (Doesn't the little one look a little more mischievous than the big one?)

I love these two! We have lots of fun together. There are not so fun times too: like when Anna's having a crying day, or Hope is having a naughty few days. But in general, after they're in bed at night, I'm just overwhelmed at their cuteness and amazingness. I really don't deserve them. I thank the Lord he doesn't give me what I deserve.

Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Garden

Everything is growing, growing, growing in our yard! Its been a lot of fun having a yard. It certainly is more work, but its something we can all do together, and it seems to give us a sense of satisfaction after working on it. We're learning a lot since we didn't know a thing a year ago!

Here's little Anna digging in the dirt.

Our yard came with 5 raised beds. We've cleaned out and planted seeds in 2 of them, and have strawberries growing from last year. We're still working on cleaning out 2 of the beds for tomato and pepper plants, and pumpkins (hopefully).

Here's the crew cleaning out weeds.

The huge flower bed in our front yard a few weeks ago.

Here are the girls chewing on some rhubarb from the garden. They look like such people of the earth. I think its pretty yucky by itself. We're going to try a strawberry rhubarb pie this week.

Here's some of the raspberries blooming.

Some strawberries starting to grow.

Our first little broccoli plants that we planted from seeds! (And a ton of weeds.) This whole plants growing from tiny seeds is quite amazing. I mean really, how does this happen?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hopey - The Musical

Life is a Musical! Here's a short video of Hope singing and dancing. She sings Amazing Grace at the end.

Disclaimer: She picked out her own outfit - she likes to do that these days.