Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trip to So Cal

We had a wonderful trip to So Cal back in February. It was a great getaway from the long winter. It was quite the treat to go for 2 weeks without coats, play outside, and walk on the beach. We think it did just the trick to help our psyche :) Not to mention, we made great memories with our families and enjoyed the familiarity of the area. Below are about a bizillion pictures. We got to see lots of friends too, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.

The following are our Disneyland pictures. It was Nannie's (Mark's Mom) 60th birthday, so we went to celebrate. We had a great time. We went for 2 days and stayed in Anaheim at Mark's brother's time share. The girls were pooped by then end, but there was so much going on they didn't get cranky. It was magical, and full of memories.

Hope and Luke. She wore the dress the entire two days.

Uncle Phil and Anna. For some reason she often makes this face when squinting. We find it very endearing. :)

Andrew and Hope taking a snack break.

Standing in line for Dumbo!

Mommy and Hopey on Dumbo.

Anna LOVED Tiger. In fact we discovered on this trip that she loves any non-humans. She squeaks and squeals and talks up a storm.

The boys on Splash Mountain. They took this picture off of the screen, cheaters.

About 4 o'clock the first day they fell fast asleep. It was very sweet.

Oh, the excitement!

Meeting Mickey.

Meeting Minnie.

Minnie greeting Anna.

Probably my favorite picture from the trip.

Hopey and the birthday girl! It rained the 2nd day unfortunately, but we made the best of it.

Family picture in front of Small World.

On Small World for the 3rd time :)

This is how she walked from the back of the park to the bus to take us home. I think she felt like a big girl getting to hold the umbrella. And she's intense like that.

Mark and I went to Oceanside for a night while my dear family watched the girls. Its the first time we've gone away for a night since Hope was born.

My family at the Wild Animal Park. It was a great day! We love zoos.

On the tram to see the roaming animals. I think the girls whined and cried the entire tram ride. This must have been one quick calm moment.


Auntie Rah-rah and Hopey in a cave.

Robin and I have a picture like this from when we were in high school, so we had to recreate it. Its framed upstairs at my parent's house.

Hopey and her Grammy.

We were happy to be there for Valentine's Day as well. It was great.

The girls loved making music with Pappy's many instruments.

Playing the piano with dear Auntie Rah-rah!

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Thanks for posting. What a great two weeks you guys had. I am so glad you were able to have that time. lr