Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Is Coming

Its been in the 50's lately, which means I can walk to and from the mailbox with no coat and not freeze! AND more importantly we can go outside and play comfortably, the snow has melted (completely!), and we are starting to see some GREEN! I am really growing in my appreciation of the seasons. The anticipation of Spring and its fulfillment is quite a joy. And in the seasons there are so many resemblances to the seasons in our lives, no? We hope for Spring, the winter is dark and cold, but Spring is coming... all will be made right when we see God face to face and we are no longer have to struggle against the things of this world. And, on a much smaller scale, out of the hard times in life comes new growth. Persevere. He who is faithful does not give up on you. Have you heard Steven Curtis Chapman's "Spring is Coming?" If not, you should check it out.

Sidewalk chalk!

How exciting it was to see these things popping up. Anyone know what they'll be?

Still not walking consistently. She's lacking the confidence. She thought it was pretty cool to pull up on Sissy's bike, though.

When we get home from the library, Hope likes to sit and "read" her books herself. It is fun becuase 1. it keeps her busy for quite a while 2. I get to hear her imagination at work since she really has no idea what the books are about 3. Anna will sit with her and do the same with her books and its just so very sweet.


Jenni said...

They're tulips, Stephanie. How exciting that they're coming up already!!!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your analogy of Spring to our lives.
I was going to tell you that the new growth are tulips also. It seems early for tulips in the frozen tundra. Ours haven't even started coming up yet. The daffodils are always first, then the tulips. Thank you for posting. I have missed the updates and have been checking every day. The girls are so sweet. I love Anna's little coat and Hope's little jacket. The girls are getting so big and independent. Anna is looking up to big sissie so much it seems. What a big resonsibility for Hope to be the example. I miss them terribly and you guys too. love, nannie

Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute! Anna sits just like Robin used to sit with her legs out to the side.
We are seeing signs of Spring too. The Robins have arrived and I see weeks sprouting in the yard. We are even getting into the high 40's during the day. It is really nice not to look for hats and coats.
I would love to see you guys. Hopefully soon. Thanks for posting pictures of the girls so we keep updated. Love you and miss you.
Aunt Di