Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Month of December in Pictures

Its been a fun and full month so far. We are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying Christmas this next week, and then a trip to Nannie and Papas. Below are some of our recent happenings.

This is a celebration dinner. This past Thursday Mark had his last class EVER. This is quite the milestone for us because Mark has been in classes for the last 5 1/2 years. Of course he still has quite a bit to do before he has finished the program and graduated, but life without classes will be nice.

Hope and her little friend Brayden decorating cookies.

Hopey in her reindeer headband.

Their most favorite Christmas gifts so far: these light up snowmen. Anna loves them. Whenever we turn them on Anna says "oooooo".

Christmas jammies!

Christmas dresses!

Just a picture of Hope before church. She is getting too big!

The first snow. I was very pleased that it did not occur until December.

Anna really does love her Bananas.

Baby Grace, just in case you forgot what she looked like. A lady from church made Baby Grace a new outfit.

We did a little tree in the girls' room this year with their ornaments. Its pretty fun how much they love it.

Hope's first taste of hot chocolate.

Cuddling :)

Decorating the tree. It was a lot less stressful once Anna went to bed :)


Leslie said...

Anna didn't get any Hot Chocolate?! Come on Mom, she's already one and the second child... they get perks! ;)

Cope Family said...

Way to go Mark!!! Yea for no more classes! ;-) What a wonderful family you have - love all the pictures.

Mark said...

Thanks, Cope Family. It feels good.

The Marshmans said...

oh man do I know what you mean about the tree being less stressful when the smallest kid is asleep!! AMEN. Such beautiful girls! love the matchie jammies!

sherry said...

Like you mentioned, the picture of Hopey in her striped tights makes her look SO grown up!

Congrats, Mark (and Stephanie)!

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