Saturday, November 07, 2009

Family Trip to Wisconsin

A few weeks ago, we went on a trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for Mark's fall break from school. It was a good family time. Some friends of ours from Louisville have a cabin there and very generously let us stay there for a few days. I didn't know this area existed before going there, but I am now a fan. The trees were at their peak in color change for the Fall, there are a bizillion lakes in the area, its not very populated, and its just beautiful! Here are a bunch of pictures :)

The cabin is right on a lake and here is the sunset one evening.

Mark and the girls on the porch.

The girls outside of the cabin. This looks like a really artistic picture - don't be too fooled by it, Anna was crying :)

The cabin.

We went and visited some nearby waterfalls.

Me and my girls!

Did you know that white deer exist? I think they are kind of creepy looking. They exist in large numbers in northern Wisconsin (and probably elsewhere). We also saw a bald eagle! But we didn't get a good picture. It was eating a dead deer and then flew up to a tree.

At the breakfast table.

We went to a nearby zoo. It was fun. We were there on a dress-up for Halloween day with extra activities. It was perfect and they let you get REALLY close to the animals.

They also let you get this close to black bears and feed them out of a glass bottle. We thought this was kind of crazy. Notice the person in the background feeding the bear.

The girls playing in the cabin.

The girls playing - Hope is reading to Anna :)

Playing at a nearby park.

We spent a LOT of time in the car. The girls did relatively well. Hope had a cold and is somewhat dramatic when she has "boogies in her nose." She has yet to figure out how to blow her nose. We'll be glad when she copes with colds better :)

We saw lots of this!

The sissies cuddling.

The lake in front of the cabin.

Mark did a LOT of this. So, I thought I would take a picture to remember :)


sherry said...

The cabin and the area look beautiful! What a nice respite. Did you say something funny in the breakfast table picture? Your family looks amused :)

Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

What a perfect Fall break!

Tasha said...

It must have been absolutely amazing to drive through that area in the fall. Thanks for sharing your photo update!

Adam Winters said...

Ha! That's great. I love Mark Rogers the Mountain Man!

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