Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trip to Louisville

We briefly got to visit Louisville in August. It was a great trip. It was really refreshing to see our old friends and church family. Mark got to preach at Farmdale Baptist, we were able to stay with our friends from church the Deatricks, we got to meet 4 new babies that had been born to friends, we were able to introduce Anna to everyone, and we were able to visit little Paul's grave. It was a good time for us to reflect on our time there, and encouraging to see how God had been working on us while there, and to see some signs of growth in us.

Sherry D. took some good pictures of a night when we had a cookout with church friends. Its hard to describe, but these people are special to us on many levels, and one of them being that Hope was born at this church. It was a tender time for us. There weren't very many babies at Farmdale, and we appreciated the way she was loved and cared for there. Like I always say, if you love my kid, then you're loving me.

Miss Sherry and Anna hanging out.

Hope with her friend Miss Vicki (who sent Hope an adorable Kentucky shirt with horses on it for her birthday!)

Mark playing Wii, and Hope is pretending to play :)

Dessert on the front porch of a perfect Louisville summer night.

My girls.

Hope and Pastor Doug.

Our sweet kids.


Shaun, Erica, & Isaac said...

So I was having an emotional prego day so I thought I would check some blogs to clear my head.

Not a good idea. I get on to see what's new with the Rogers and this last picture sent me over. How special for your girls to know they have a big brother waiting to meet them! I guess this is just meant to be a tearful day! Thanks for sharing!

Tasha said...

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I really like that someone painted their walls red!
Thanks for sharing the last photo of the girls at Paul's grave site.

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