Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anna is 11 months

Well, Sweet Little Anna will be one in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd better post a little bit about her before the big ONE. I am sad that she'll be one soon, but she still seems like my baby so that is good. She's a lot of fun right now and her personality is coming out more and more. She babbles a lot and makes the cutest little squeaky sounds. She kind of says Dada and we think she's said Hi several times. She likes to point at things and have us tell her what they are. She's walking holding on to our hands, and finally learned to crawl on all fours a couple of weeks ago. Before that she was an army crawler. She and Hope's relationship continues to develop more and more and it is fun to watch. Last night while Mark and I cleaned up dinner the girls crawled off down the hall to their room and were playing. It was really sweet. Here are a few pictures of our baby girl.

In this one she's proud that she just pulled the bow out of her hair, and she's having a cheerio snack.

In this one she just got done crying because I told her she couldn't have the camera. Sad red eyes!

She LOVES the dishwasher. We go through a ritual of telling the dishwasher bye bye and waving at it when I close it. If we don't she will sob like its the end of the world.

Her half grin.

Her first taste of milk.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Being Short.

I don't mind being short most days. I don't think about it a lot and most of the time it doesn't bother me. But there are quite a few quirks that a short person, such as I, must deal with. So, I thought I would share so that you can sympathize with your short friends.

My pants are too long. I always buy short or petite length, but they are still 1-2 inches too long. Once in a while I will hem them haphazardly as I don't sew, but most of the time I just deal with it.

This leads me to the second observation. Living in a wet climate such as Illinois, the bottom of my pants are often wet. I decided a while back to give up on fashion and start rolling up my pants when its wet outside. I look really cool like this!

I often don't use the top shelves of my kitchen cupboards. Its just too much work.

I usually have my beloved step-stool close by. Its a plastic white step-stool that I bought to use in my dorm room in college. Its pretty beat up and not really white anymore, but I can't bear to part with it since its been with me through so much. Hope uses it now for various things and Anna currently likes to pull up on it.

My girls will be taller than me by the time they are 13. Or 10. They have consistently been taller than other kids their age on the charts.

A few weeks ago when I was carrying Anna in the snugglie, a lady said, "She's almost bigger than you!" Ha ha, very funny :)

Sometimes I stand on the bottom shelf at the grocery store to reach things on a higher shelf. Every time I do it, I think "One of these days the shelf is going to come crashing down." It just might, but I keep doing it.

Being short makes me look even more younger than I already look. This past summer our neighborhood had a block party thing. A lady had a booth set up to sell her jewelry. As I walked by looking at her stuff her husband said,"She's got great stuff you could use for the prom." I chuckled and said "Oh, I'm beyond the prom." He then said it again for some reason. I smiled at his wife who looked embarrassed and then I walked on pushing my double stroller.

When Mark and I were first married we were out visiting people who had visited the church for the first time. We knocked on the door of a house and a woman came to the door. Mark explained to her why we were there, asked her a couple of questions, and then introduced me as his wife. She laughed incredulously and told us she thought he was my dad.

In sixth grade the boy that all the little girls had crushes on used to call me Tall Grass. I don't think I knew he was making fun of me at the time :) In high school my best friend's boyfriend called me Willow. It was a joke and he wasn't trying to me mean, but you probably shouldn't call a 16 year old girl a name that invokes images of a hairy dwarf man.

I've always liked that song by Alan Jackson, "Its alright to be little-bity." It has a good message anyway, but I mainly just liked it because I was short.

People always told me I would like looking younger when I'm older. I think I'm in that transition phase now. I haven't been offered the kids menu at a restaurant in several years now, so that's nice. I'll really appreciate it in about 10 years probably.

I married a tall boy. That wasn't the only reason I married him of course. I also married him for his riches. ;)

Sometimes I try (not very hard) to think of the reasons why God made me short. As if there's some event that someday will take place and I'll think "Aha! This is it! My purpose!" But, really, people come in all different shapes and sizes and I'm happy to be made on the shorter end of things. It makes me somewhat unique, and helps to keep me humble.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mamaw and Papaw's Visit

We were very blessed by a visit from Mamaw and Papaw in September! I love that my grandparents still travel to visit me. Thank you guys so much for coming! I also love that my grandparents read out blog :) We had a great time introducing them to Anna, and Hope had a blast playing with them. Mamaw and Hope spent a few hours doing puzzles together, and Hope and Papaw were good at teasing and being silly with each other. We wish we could see them more, but Arkansas is far away. I'm grateful for the few days we had. As usual, I wish we had taken more pictures!

All of us girls. Dad said he wanted a picture of all of the blue eyes. Unfortunately you can't see them all in this picture though. Anna wanted to show you our Candy Land book.

Mamaw and Hope picked some veggies from the garden and had fun.

On a swing together.

Mamaw helping Hope eat a popsicle.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trip to Louisville

We briefly got to visit Louisville in August. It was a great trip. It was really refreshing to see our old friends and church family. Mark got to preach at Farmdale Baptist, we were able to stay with our friends from church the Deatricks, we got to meet 4 new babies that had been born to friends, we were able to introduce Anna to everyone, and we were able to visit little Paul's grave. It was a good time for us to reflect on our time there, and encouraging to see how God had been working on us while there, and to see some signs of growth in us.

Sherry D. took some good pictures of a night when we had a cookout with church friends. Its hard to describe, but these people are special to us on many levels, and one of them being that Hope was born at this church. It was a tender time for us. There weren't very many babies at Farmdale, and we appreciated the way she was loved and cared for there. Like I always say, if you love my kid, then you're loving me.

Miss Sherry and Anna hanging out.

Hope with her friend Miss Vicki (who sent Hope an adorable Kentucky shirt with horses on it for her birthday!)

Mark playing Wii, and Hope is pretending to play :)

Dessert on the front porch of a perfect Louisville summer night.

My girls.

Hope and Pastor Doug.

Our sweet kids.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Its without a doubt Fall here. The highs are in the 50's, its rainy, and the trees are really turning colors. We've switched out our clothes, put away the sandals, packed up the pool, and turned on the heater. We've also had our first colds of the season, and half of us got a stomach bug this week. Also signs of cold weather :) On a side note, a 3 year old with the stomach flu is way better than baby Hope with the stomach flu. Hope kept her eyes glued to Dora on the TV screen as she was throwing up in the bowl in her lap. I can also tell her to throw up in a bowl, not on me, and I can tell her to stay on the couch and rest (rather than going about the house infecting the rest of us). Bet you wanted to know all of that.

The girls have started wearing the fuzzy footie jammies.

We've needed blankets on walks. They really are happy, the sun was just in their eyes.

And we get to spend a lot more time indoors, doing indoor stuff. Like glittering pumpkins.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hope's Cute Sayings

Hope's little 3 year old self has been saying some pretty sweet and cute things lately. I've been trying to remember to write them down when I hear them so I don't forget. I thought I'd share a few with you. You have to imagine them being said by the sweetest little voice you've ever heard (I know I'm biased), and with out the r's and the l's being pronounced correctly.

"We saw a ladybug up on the tomato tree and he was so happy to see me."

"That's good prayin' Dad." (After Mark prayed at lunch one day).

Me: "Hopey, what song would you like to sing tonight?"
H: "We are God's special friend" (We've never heard of that song before, but Mark and I did our best to sing a made-up song in unison using those words).

Me: "Hopey, you were very good at the store today. You didn't whine and you were helpful. Thank you."
H: "I LOVE being good, Mom."

She is so very affectionate. Several times a day she will tell us she loves us. Today at the grocery store she shouted, "Mom! - I love you soooo much!"

Love that girl.

Here's a video of her singing "Jesus Loves Me."