Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Trip to Southern California

Last month we took a big trip out to visit my family. It was Anna's first plane ride and first time to California. Hope hadn't been on a plane that she could remember and I hadn't been home in over a year (that's a first!). It was a good time spent with family and seeing a few friends. It wasn't long enough, but we're thankful we were able to go at all. Up until this trip, I was holding out Hope that I could maybe do another trip or two by myself with the girls in the next year or two, but this trip confirmed that its not possible. Flying with two little ones is very hard work! Mark and I were very worn out after the flight. We were more prepared for the flight home :) Thanks Mom and Dad for having us, feeding us, and loving on the girls. They really feel the love! Here are some picture highlights of the trip in no particular order (since blogger puts them in backwards). Warning: there are a lot of pictures!

Hope and her cousins Luke and Andrew playing in the empty pool. My sweet parents had a bbq for us while we were home so we could see more people.

Jodi and I with our girls just 3 months apart.

Hope and Pappy cuddling.

Hope and Uncle Phil cuddling.

Hope and Daddy.

Anna getting some love from her aunties Jill and Robin.

Hope playing around the pool. :) She didn't start liking swimming until after this trip.

Me and my Daddy.

I got to see Marcella, Merea and Renee while home. It is always sweet to spend time with old friends and to feel like no time has passed. Anna and Andrew are a day apart and finally got to meet!

Pappy and his little girls.

Grammy and sweet little Anna.

Pappy and Hopey making some music.

Hopey picking flowers in my parents' yard.

Hope learned how to ride a tricycle while there.

Anna at the beach for the first time. She hated it and cried the whole time. I think this picture captured the only moment she was not crying. Bummer! We love you tons Anna!

Hope enjoyed the sand for the first time in her life. Yay!

Not included: I also got to see Jen and Brayden and Tracy, but didn't get a picture. We also got to have dinner with the Prices.


rae said...

O man that Hope is amazing... Anna too of course, but Hope's expressions crack me up! So glad you all got to go home and see everyone!

Jason P. Franklin said...

Phil has always been great with kids. After y'all's wedding, hanging out at Phil and Jill's place, he played so well with Noah and Maggie. Now at the Roger's place in Dunsmuir, he still plays great with all the kids.

Cope Family said...

Ah, it was only a short time seeing you, but grateful we did!! You have 2 beautiful girls! ;-)

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