Friday, April 24, 2009

Here Comes the Sun... Little Darlin

It was in the 80's today! There is nothing quite like Spring after a long, cold, dark winter. There still aren't leaves on the trees yet, but little buds. We saw all the little apartment complex kids out playing today and they all looked so much bigger (since we hadn't seen them all winter).

This past week Nate and Patrick were here for the Gospel Coalition conference. Mark and the guys stayed near the conference at O'Hare so I didn't get to see them much, but it is always fun to have friends come and visit. They really enjoyed the conference and were encouraged by it. The girls and I survived quite nicely :)

Here are some recent pictures:

Tummy time for Baby Anna!

I finally decided it was time to name the babies. It was just getting too confusing. So, here they are from left to right: Baby Faith, Baby Charity, Baby Grace, and Baby Joy. Surprisingly, it didn't take long for Hope to learn them all. Baby Grace is still the favorite. This is how Hope likes for me to play babies with her: we put them to bed, and then we tell them all of the "sleep rules." (Don't get up, don't talk, close your eyes, and go to sleep!) Fun times!

Cuddling with Dad and trying so hard to eat the cow.

Anna's new favorite past-time: watching the world go by in her Bumbo.

Hope likes to "help" wash Anna. I make sure she only washes the feet.

Anna LOVES Hope and it is so fun to watch them enjoy each other. No one can make Anna giggle like Hope can!


Tasha said...

This was a great update! Thanks for posting the pictures! I love hearing how your girls are doing.

Ryan and Lori said...

It looks like you have two sweet girlies! Michael likes to "help" with Kaitlyn too; he is fascinated with your beautiful bows and loves to take them out of his sister's hair!

Kyle said...

Hope is like Jesus, by washing her sister's feet. :)

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