Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What has Mark been up to?

He's been busy! This has been and will be his busiest semester... and he's had a newborn! He is working really hard, all the time. He has 3, 20 page papers to write in the next 6 weeks on top of the other school work. I really don't know how he does it, and I'm glad its not me (writing takes me forever!) He is loving it at the same time though. He comes back from class discussions energized and excited. He recently won a scholarship called the Hansen Fellowship that will pick up when his current scholarship runs out this next Fall. We are ever so grateful since we weren't sure what we were going to do! We have seen the faithfulness of the Lord over the past years in providing for us in unexpected ways, so we really almost expect that we will be taken care of unexpectedly.

He also has 3 jobs. It is kind of a joke between us about all of the jobs he's had over the last 5 years, but he does what he does to make ends meet and take care of us. They are all super part-time jobs. He's a research assistant for Dr. Sweeney, he edits a series of bulletin inserts called "Glimpses" through Christianity Today, and he gets to work for D. A. Carson (he has really enjoyed getting to know this man and seeing how humble, kind, and what a servant he is).

He's also been able to get a few things published. If you'd like to read them, here are the links - I think they're great, of course!

Article: Passing the Plate (about church offerings)
Book Review: Tried As By Fire
Book Review: Twentieth-Century Shapers of Baptist Social Ethics
Article: Walk the Aisle (about the alter call)

I must say that although he is a busy guy, he will drop it all in a moment's notice if he senses I need or want anything at all. I try not to take advantage of that too much :) We love our little family, and I love the way he takes care of us, puts us first, and enjoys the simple things with us. We are really looking forward to the 2nd week of May, when the semester's over, and we can take a break and enjoy the WARM weather (oh how I am ready for it!). Only one more semester of coursework and then another 1 1/2-2 years of studying for his comprehensive exams and writing his dissertation. More on the dissertation to come at another time.


Shanalea Atchison said...

It is such a process. I am ready for Adam to be done. It is a lot of reading and writing.

Roxanna Grimes said...

You sound so good. I admire your faith and your sweet spirit...hang in there with school. I was so prego and doing toddlerhood when guy was getting his doctorate. I can remember one day when I just stepped back and looked at my day: at the computer with a writing deadline of my own, folded and sealed dirty diapers on the hearth, a baby on the floor beside me, winter outside, and my tummy was huge. Guy was gone to another state for a weekend seminar. Ugh...but those days are some of the sweetest memories we have and it is so worth it. Keep up you loving and waiting.

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