Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sweet Girls and a Trip Downtown

The last few days it has been unseasonably warm, so we have tried to take advantage of it. We've gone on many walks and took a trip downtown today to celebrate some normal temps. We also want to start exploring as much of the city as possible with two little ones. We probably won't be here forever, so we need to take advantage of it! Today we visited the Museum of Science and Industry. It was very kid-friendly and a lot of fun. Our favorite exhibit was a WWII German submarine that they had on display. It was huge and a cool story about how the US took it down and captured it.

Yay! Its 50+ degrees outside!

Hope's first bad bump. Doesn't it look horrible? Thankfully it went down quick.

Isn't this a sweet sweater? My friend Jenni's friend's mom made it :) And Jenni's daughter Kara gave it to Anna for Christmas.

She has a few nicknames already, but the most suitable one is "Sweet Little Anna."

This girl LOVES smoothies. I think she would keep drinking them until she explodes.

Us girls in front of an old train at the museum.

Daddy and Hope after they took a tour inside the submarine.

Us girls in front of the submarine with our new double stroller for which we are very thankful. Its kind of a beast, but it does the job well.


Cope Family said...

Shouldn't you all be more bundled up for 50 degree weather?? :-) I am glad you got out of the house. Hope's bump looks awful! That must have been a scary event.

RobinDayle said... look great! :-) Just thought you should know.
Oh, and no more letting my niece get bumps like that! Or letting Anna get any bigger without me around to see it.

Geeze....I miss my girls.

Jaimie said...

Looks like you guys are having a nice time in the "windy city". I can't believe how much the girls grow up with each picture. They are so sweet.


Kyle said...

When you are in crowds, do you ever want to use the beast stroller as a plow?
Wow, Hope is almost as tall as her daddy. :)
It looks like a long eventful day took its toll on Hope in her sleeping picture.

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