Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Family Business

Lately, Hope has really wanted to help me out with bow stuff. So, I've been letting her "help."

Here she is packing up orders - she's actually pretty good at putting the bows for each order and a business card in each box.

And then here she is putting labels on her cheeks. Anna's our moral support!


Ashley & Chuck said...

Too cute!! I love how she has one of her baby dolls in the bouncy seat! She is a good helper!!

Nannie said...

You are the greatest mom. You are Super Mom! Hopey is doing a great job. Miss all of you.
love, nannie

Tasha said...

These are so cute! Today I had two students volunteer to help me file homework and staple book orders. It is always good to have helpers!

sherry said...

Eek! So cute!

Jaimie said...

Sweet - that's really great that you are letting her help too - so patient!