Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In the Jungle

I know this is a strange title for a post about our sweet little bundle of joy, but our girl sure can make some wild noises! It often sounds as if there is a jungle in her bassinet. It is quite humorous at times hearing the grunts, squeaks, and growls. We love it! We are thankful that she continues to grow, sleep and eat well. At her check-up on Monday, she was 7 pds and 15 oz, 21 inches. She's long and lean, a trait that didn't come from my side of the family :) We are on our own now, without family, and we're surviving well. I am learning to let a lot of house cleaning and such go. We are super thankful to have had meals the last 2 weeks and for the next 2 weeks - what a huge help and kindness this is to our family! Thank you to our Care Group and friends here. Here are some recent pictures. Sorry I am such a bad picture taker - I really need to take a class or something.

Thinking hard while sleeping. (Notice her very long fingers - We have high aspirations for her being a piano player)

Mark's favorite things to do: read and hold a daughter.

Cheesy Hope smile on Christmas tree decorating night.

This is how Anna spent Christmas decorating night :)


The Marshmans said...

I love it! Anf I think you take great pics! You're crazy:) I am so glad people are taking care of you guys! I know the first three months or so were a bit hazy for me, so all the help I could get was great. And, Anna has the most beautiful little mouth! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is Julie commenting here. I love love love the pictures! I'm amazed that you already have a tree up and decorated with 2 little ones! Your girls are gorgeous. Anna looks like she could be reading along with Daddy. Very cute! I will be checking back frequently watching for updates. Thanks for sharing!
Merry Christmas~~~ Love the Rogers!!!

Tasha said...

Whoever gave you the idea that you are a poor photographer misguided you. I love the thinking sleeping pose!