Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A beautiful butterfly emerges...

Hope and her pumpkin friend.

Mark and Hope carving her little pumpkin (pre-costume).

Hope and her dino friend.

Examining the goods.

She LOVED trick or treating. She was timid at the first house, but after she found out she got candy, she walked very briskly from house to house. (and in between each apartment she would say "more candy, more candy").

The fam.

Hopey and Daddy. We had a great night. Hope is so much fun!


Shaun, Erica, & Isaac said...

Wow, a little angel dressed up like a butterfly! You can't get any cuter than that! I love her curls!!!

RobinDayle said...

She's pretty much the cutest kid ever. Seriously.
I can't wait until I can have an Auntie Robin and Hope Starbucks/shopping date...24ish days. Yes.

What a little princess.

Jason P. Franklin said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. Jenn should have some up soonish.

Hope is adorable. Nice to see she got into the spirit of the holiday (more candy). many has Daddy sampled?

Mark Rogers said...

I had some Runts (which she can't eat anyway) and some Reeses Pieces (which I like a lot).

sherry said...

Mark seems a little defensive! :)I love that she got so into it!

Jabbarri had fun watching the kids come to my mom's door, and he would ask for candy each time we went to open the door, too. He sampled a few kinds and promptly spit them all out. Ha.

Cope Family said...

What a cute butterfly!! I miss you Stephanie!!

Jaimie said...

So cute! I love hope's costume and it looks like she did have a fun halloween. You look pretty cute too momma!