Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potty Training Update

We've had success. A breakthrough of sorts. We've had no accidents since she got up from her nap yesterday! If you would have told me we'd be at this point yesterday morning, I would have not believed you. Yesterday morning was bad, but something clicked in the afternoon, and we seem to be on the right track. She's even told me a couple of times that she needed to go!

Here are some observations I have about potty training:

1. Potty training is hard work.

2. PT is sanctifying. My patience and perseverence has been tested.

3. PT is hard work.

4. I don't like "motivating" Hopey to do things with candy. It's uncomfortable.

5. PT is hard work.

6. I found that it worked better when I stopped all distractions while she was "trying" on the potty chair. At first she had books, toys, movies, ect, but it ended up working out better for her when those things weren't an option and she had to focus on the task at hand.

6. PT is hard work.

7. If I had a dime for every time I've said "pee pee" or "potty chair" in the last 3 days I'd be a rich woman.

8. Most of all I've learned. I think a lot of it was me learning how to teach someone how to use the potty. I've never done it before. So, she's been experimented on.

So, we'll see when we're ready to venture out in the car. We took a walk last night, but I'm not quite ready to brave a car outing. My friend Julie takes her potty chair everywhere with her and has her daughter go on it when they get out of the car and come back to get in the car. At first it sounded funny, but now I can see how I might be doing it myself :)


Heather said...

I feel your pain girl, it is hard work but the end result is SOOOO worth it! And I know I was afraid if I put them in a pull-up for the errands than I would ruin the training but I just insisted they tell me and act like it was panties (As best they could) and really it wasn't a big deal. Once they started being consistent which didn't take too long than to panties we went. I do have one of those collapsible potty chairs in the car just in case and I have used it maybe 2x. Whatever works:)! Hang in there it will be over soon;)

The Marshmans said...

Going out is so scary!!!! I remember asking her every 5 seconds if she had to go. The best was once at Target when she went #2 in her panties... Yah that was a fun one to clean up! Sounds like everything is going well though! Yea for Hope, she is becoming a little girl mamma!!

Dan & Carrie Mahaffie said...

That is so great! We potty trained Taylor the first week or so in August as well. I had a week off work so that was my only solid chunk of time for a while to devote to it. She did FANTASTIC! We really can't take much credit. She was more ready than I realized. She woke up from her nap one day and I told her that she was all done with diapers and all she wears now is big girl panties. Her face lite up and she exclaimed "Yeah! No more diapers!!" She hasn't asked for one since. She tells me every time when she needs to go potty. I was really afraid to take her out as well. Church was really worrysome for us but she has done great. We got her a seat that goes on top of the big potty and transitioned to that at home and then started taking that same seat with us on outings. That made it less stressful and a little more like home when using a public potty. We didn't do pull ups at all with her either. I didn't want to pay for them. I also didn't want to have to retrain her down the road to tranistion out of pull ups. Every kid is so different though. You quickly learn what will and won't work for your kid and go with it.
Hang in there. She is doing so great! I am so excited for you guys. It is a major milestone for them and for us. Like you said, VERY hard work but so worth it when you get to stroll right past the diaper aisle at the store. ;)

Stephanie said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement and tips, girls! I think #2 might not come for a while - yikes! I was going to just teach her on the toilet, but she's quite a clutz so I was afraid of her falling off :) We ordered one of those fold up seats for on the go times. Tonight we went to Costco and brought the potty chair with us - she went twice on it in the bathroom - what an adventure!

Carrie and Rachel, do your girls still use pull-ups at nighttime?

Mike and Molly Spivey said...

I was watching the View a while ago (it came on during the 10:30am feeding :) ) - But Elisabeth Hassleback showed a on-the-go potty chair... you can use a walmart bag or something like that and it fold up real small... I can't quite remember exactly what it looks like but I am sure you can google it!

Glad to see progress is being made? What potty training "method" did you use?

kkbaher said...

Preach it, sister! GREAT blog! Brought back memories from what seems like a LONG time ago now that Ethan is 10!!!