Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hopey!

Sunday was Hope's 2nd birthday. We spent all of Saturday in downtown Chicago with Mom and Robin and had a great time. We went into the American Girl store just to look around and see if Hope would like it yet, and boy did she. So, we got her an American Girl baby doll. When we asked her what she wanted to name her, she said "new baby." Thankfully we got it on camera. It was a special way to spend her last day as a 1 year old. We took an architectural boat tour on the river, hung out at Navy Pier, ate Giordanos pizza, and took the train from the station near our apartment. Sunday, we did her favorite thing and went to church. Then we had butterfly cake and opened presents after having breakfast for dinner (one of her favorites). We love her so much and are so thankful for all the joy she brings to life! Here are a few pictures of the last 2 years:

1 1/2 weeks at her baby shower. She slept sweetly through the whole thing.

At one year old, not yet walking, but learning.

On Nannie and Papa's porch in Dunsmuir last month. It is hard to catch a good picture of her these days since she moves around so much and doesn't smile for pictures well.

Over the last year she's: learned to walk, started talking (a lot), grown a lot of curly hair, and moved to a new state. We are so proud of her and can't wait to see how she will grow this year.

Happy Birthday, Hope! We love you so very much.


kkbaher said...

Beautiful blog! Sounds like it was a terrific day for a very special girl. American Girl is based right outside of Verona, in Middleton, WI. Seriously! The founders have put zillions back into the town of Madison & the outlying communities. Looking forward to seeing you guys again. Perhaps we can hook up in October?

Anonymous said...

Little Hopey;
You have brought so much joy into your mommy and daddy's life --- and into many other people's lives as well. You are so very very special and I give
thanks to God for you.
Happy Birthday. I love you!

sherry said...

She's looking more and more like you, Steph. When I told Nana that you're having another girl, she said, "Well, I would guess so. They make such cute girls."

The American Girl dolls and books are so much fun. I think mommies like it as much as little girls :) Does the one near you have a tea house?

Stephanie said...

Hey Keri - that's good to hear about the good that AG does. Do they have an outlet or anything there? Getting together with you again would be great - Sept/Oct should slow down for us before Nov speeds up!

Thanks, Nannie - she loves you a lot too!

Sherry - yes, it has a tea house and hair salon :) We didn't go in those - we got a hairless baby for now :) Most people still say she looks like Mark, so its good to hear some of me is in her, too :) love you.

Tony & Jaimie said...

Happy Birthday Hope! I can't believe it's been a year already! That was Claire's first (Birthday) party. We had such a great time and sounds like you have a fabulous time in Chicago for #2! We love you guys and miss you. Take care, JZ

Tasha said...

Oh, the picture of Hope a week 1/2 hold is SO precious! Thanks for the update! The photos are great.