Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fourth of July

Here are some of our many pictures from Dunsmuir. We had a wonderful trip, and we were sad to leave. We spent the morning of the 4th at the Mt. Shasta "Fun Walk." It was very festive and fun. There were a lot of hippies who were the entertainment along the route, food samples, and a raffle at the end. We finished off the day with hamburgers, fireworks, and mosquito bites :)

Hope was a little overwhelmed by the crowd.

The family walking and waving.

Hope and Nannie in her festive hat.

Hope and Mommy walking.

The starting line!

On another note, this baby has been pretty active the last couple of weeks already. Tomorrow at 10am we are scheduled for an ultrasound, and to find out the gender of the baby! We are excited :)


The Marshmans said...

Yea!! Hope is so beautiful Stephanie!! She has the best curls in the world :) We've been thinking of you all a lot and hoping you are feeling well that your summer is going great!

Kyle said...

What was the distance of the fun walk? You guys were in CA for the 4th? How cool! Well, its 10:25am on Thursday, so you are probable at the ultrasound right now. How exciting!

leslie blair said...

so you've now known the gender of your babe #2 for approximately 7hrs... where's the post?! We're very excited for you!

Tasha said...

How far along are you Steph? You preg. belly looks so cute!