Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recent Happenings

I love the funny high chair faces. She really likes plain oatmeal for breakfast right now. Strange, I know.

We took our first trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens last Saturday. For you Southern California people it is similar to the Huntington Library gardens. You should all come visit us in the spring so you can go. It is really great!

Hope and Daddy on Father's Day at Lake Geneva, WI.

There are a lot of forest preserve areas around here and Hope and I went to one last week. She really enjoyed the trails and the rocks on the trails. You should come visit us so you can go to the preserves, too :)

We got to see the Shecklers this weekend and here are the girls. Hope loves them, and would do anything Sofia asked her to.

We are leaving to go to Northern California on Wednesday, and we're looking forward to it. We'll update when we get home!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

New York

We took a trip last week to visit the New York Rogers (Mark's brother and family). We had a good time. It was a long trip, but we had fun, and Hope traveled well. It was a lot of fun to watch Hope enjoy her cousins and play with them. They were very sweet boys to her. We get to see them all again in Dunsmuir in just a few weeks! Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Noah pushing Hope in the car.

This is the dirtiest she has ever been. I guess it comes with having boy cousins.

Trying on Elisha's boots. She really enjoys putting on shoes. (She pronounces them as "soos")

Hand and hand with Noah.

How sweet.

And a couple pictures of Hope from yesterday:

We love her crazy curls!