Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exclamation Points!!?

I have observed that girls generally use exclamation points in emails much more than guys do. So, why do girls use more exclamation points than guys? Why and when do you use them? If you think my observation is way off, chime in on that to.


Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Listen to the way us girls talk and you will see why we use exclamation marks!:)

Adam Winters said...

Hmm, I generally favor the ?!? technique to express bewilderment, though I might change it up with a !?! now and then. Personally, I like to saturate things with text-based faces to give a post some emotional color and personality.

I'm not ashamed that it's a practice employed by women,:-| because I think it's just a more precise way to communicate statements that may be misread to be either overly serious, mean, or whatever. :-)

I'll bet that Wal-Mart will probably trying to cash in on this deal by gaining royalties every time someone uses a smiley.
Nevertheless, I will continue to use them so that no one ever mistakes me for being overly professional or lacking a sense of humor. :-D