Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mark's New Blog: "Redeeming History"

I just started a new blog, Redeeming History, focused on church history and how it can teach and inspire us today. I've been thinking about this for quite a while. I am going to have a lot of fun with it, and I hope that some of you will enjoy it. Please check it out. I'll be posting several times a week, Lord willing. I'll still be posting non history related items over here. Here is the beginning of my first post at the new blog:
I have always loved stories, both listening to them and telling them. I majored in history in college because I liked stories. Now I am pursuing a Ph.D. in church history and historical theology, and I am daily challenged, inspired, and edified by the stories of Christians of the past.

So I am starting a new blog. A blog about stories. About the big story of God’s work to redeem lost sinners all over the world, and about the little stories of those He has
redeemed. Before I started this blog, I asked myself what you may be asking: Why another blog? Why about history? Hardly anybody really likes history anyway, right?

Why I have started Redeeming History:
I am fascinated by the stories of what God has done, how people have walked with Him, understood Him, and told others about Him. I am convinced these stories from the past can be useful and inspiring today. I hope you will be encouraged and built up as you read about God’s work in history and the stories of His church.
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Dale said...

Mark, so glad to see you back at the computer again, I have missed your words. I will pass along your new blog to some friends who will also be interested in what you have to say, one in particular believes you will convert to Greek Orthodox based on history! Give my girls a hug.

Mark said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Dale, and thanks for passing along word of the blog. You guys should come visit us soon. If you come this May or June we'll have to go to a baseball game.