Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Friends

Hope has a new best friend lately, and her name is "Baby." We realize this is a very generic name, but it stuck so we've decided to keep it. Over the past couple of weeks, Baby is the first thing Hope asks for when we get to the apartment. When she finds her she squeals and hugs baby. It is too sweet. She is very affectionate with baby, hugging and kissing her all of the time. Here are some special times between Hope and Baby that we've caught.

Hope using the nasal aspirator on Baby.

Hope reading to Baby.

Hope eating with Baby.

Hope making her cheesy face with Baby.

Hope kissing Baby.

Hope and Baby cuddling :)


Mark said...

WOW!!! That is the cutest girl in the world!

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree!

Jason P. Franklin said...

That's adorable.

Kyle said...

She must have a good model that taught her how to treat baby.

Tony & Jaimie said...

Those are such precious pictures. Look at all Hopie's hair! I can't believe how "grown up" she's getting. thanks for posting those...keep 'em coming!


Ryan and Lori said...

I love the cheesy face picture! We miss you Steph!

sherry said...

So, I did notice how adorable Hope is and all, but the whole time I was thinking about Smith. Do you remember when the Simmons Hall R.A.s stole the portrait of Smith and brought him all over Riverside? "Smith loves lounging by the pool with the ladies." Of course, Baby is much sweeter than Smith. Love you!

Tasha said...

I love the update on you guys. Hope is so cute! I love the picture of Hope helping Baby with the aspirator; now that's real love:) It amazes me how little girls naturally want to care for others.

Amy said...

She has changed so much!!