Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Old Kentucky Home

In two and a half weeks we will be leaving Louisville for Chicago. In light of this, I thought I would make a list of things I will miss the most about Louisville. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Baby Paul's grave
2. Sweet tea at every restaurant
3. Our friends
4. The people of Farmdale Baptist Church and their great kindness
5. The Derby festivities
6. Norton Suburban Hospital and Dr. Griffin
7. Lightening Bugs (are these in Chicago?)
8. The Louisville Bats
9. Familiarity
10. The beautiful campus of Southern Seminary
11. 2 malls next door to each other, 10 minutes away
12. No traffic
13. Our home
14. No crowds
15. The Ohio River
16. The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic Clearance Center
17. The GREEN
18. The great parks
19. The rivalry between UofL and UK, of which I will never completely understand how deeply it runs.
20. Thursday night "The Office" night with the Clarks (feelin hot, hot, hot ;)
21. Monday night BS (Bible Study)

We have grown to appreciate and enjoy this city for the reasons above and many more. We will miss it, but look forward to the new adventure! We'd appreciate your prayers during this transition. We will miss you, our dear friends, who have been through much with us. Thanks for the memories!


Tony & Jaimie said...

Ok stop it- this post made me cry!! we'll miss you too, but will keep in touch and hope to make a visit. In the mean time...yes there are lightning bugs in Chicago and of course ALL of your favorite stores and then some. Enjoy "The Windy City" and all it has to offer...hey...doesn't Oprah live there? :)


Kelli said...

We're going to miss y'all so much! You'll always have a place to stay if you come back to visit! One more reason for us to visit Chicago!!

sherry said...

This is a sweet post; it made me a little sentimental because I will never have reason to visit Lousiville, again! Chicago here I come! :)

Adam Winters said...

I think its funny how the Bats outrank Southern's campus on your list. You must really love Slugger Field!

Adam Winters said...
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Mark said...

See the phrase "in no particular order" at the beginning of Stephanie's post. And I can't speak for her, but I would definitely say 3 hours at Slugger Field is more fun than 3 hours on the seminary lawn.

Adam Winters said...

Oops, my speed-reading made me ignore the "no" in "no particular order." Doh!!

BTW, Slugger Field is pretty awesome.

Suzanne said...


Tasha said...

When do you arrive in Chicago?

kkbaher said...

The Bahers say you WILL like the Chicago area, too. They DO have lightning bugs...quite a cool thing, huh? There's so much to see in/around Chicago & the Bahers are a mere 2.5 hours away. When you're ready, I've got Chicago websites that you can subscribe to for calendar of event updates.

Ryan and Lori said...

We will miss you!! You need to try the sweet tea in GA; Louisville's doesn't compare (according to Ryan).

CresceNet said...

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Adam Winters said...

Today, the Sampey Collection scavenger hunt has been completed! They return to storage where they will surely remain untouched for another 60 years.

Adam Winters said...

Today, the Sampey Collection scavenger hunt has been completed! They return to storage where they will surely remain untouched for another 60 years.

Mark said...

Congratulations Adam! I wanted to finish that before I left. I'm impressed you finished it as quick as you did. I'll probably be raiding the Mullins stuff this semester for my own purposes--maybe through microfilm though.