Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Little Girl Named Addie!

I want you to meet an 11 month old named Addie. The truth is that I have never met her in person. But for the past hour I have been surfing The Henderson Family Blog, where she lights up nearly every post with her wonderful, God given, and God glorifying smile. Addie was born with brain damage and a condition in which her brain did not develop properly, which resulted in a smaller head than other babies. We found Addie's family blog when they bought some bows a few weeks ago. Since then I have looked at it two or three times and each time I laugh, smile, and get choked up as I see this little girl and her family that is facing a lot of major challenges shine with the glory of God. While we all hope and pray for healthy children free of any mental and physical challenges, Addie reminds us that heart stopping beauty and joy are not always connected to the smartest and the strongest. God's image is often most firmly pressed into those pressed with the most difficulties.

I encourage you to look through this blog and read this amazing and inspiring story. At some point read the post from January where Addie's mom explains her birth and their first month of discovering the challenges they would face. Then go on from there, and see the grace of God at work. You will be blessed.

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Tasha said...

Thanks for posting this. I read several of her blogs.