Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today we went and picked out pumpkins. It didn't go the way we had planned, but we had fun anyway. Hope had fun too - just about everything is fun to her right now, except baths, swimming and the end of meal times. It is finally Fall weather here now!

Little Hopey.

Our little family.


sherry said...

What went contrary to your plans? Since when does she dislike baths??? Cute pictures:)

sherry said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of hope!! and the family shot - what's up skinny mini, you look pretty cute yourself. Did you go to hubers? ahhh fall, it's the best time of year.


ps - you should use that pic for BB's

Stephanie said...

Well, we TRIED to go to Huber Farms at lunch time to eat at the restaurant and then go to the pumpkin patch there, but it seems that the rest of Indiana and Kentucky had the same idea - no room at the restaurant. Its in the middle of nowhere, and I didn't have any food for Hope to eat lunch, so we headed back towards the freeway and stopped at this much smaller roadside pumpkin stand, then went to Applebees for lunch. So, the trip was saved :)

In the last couple of weeks she's started crying during bath time - I don't know whats up. I'm assuming its just a phase.

Mark said...

Hope only cried once when I gave her a bath on Thursday. And she is not crying at all right now during her bath (Don't worry. I did not leave the bathroom to post this. Stephanie is giving her a bath). Maybe the phase is over.

Kyle said...

I love seeing pictures of you guys. Hope looks sooo cute sitting in the pumpkins. How's the bow business going?

We are two people that are said...

Cute pics of hope.

Stephanie - I now have a blog just for you and suzanne to follow our twins.

it is:

Hope to see you at Pendergraph!


RobinDayle said...

Oh how I love and miss that little blonde...

Oh, and I love and miss Hope and Mark too.

Hahahahaha....I'm so funny.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it until Christmas to see ya'll....are you sure you don't wanna meet us in Arkansas for thanksgiving? ;-)

Dad Moore said...

Steph, you guys look great. Hope is growing so much. Keep sending pictures and let her know her Pappy is here. Can't wait to see you in December. Love you all.

Shecklers said...

Your little family is too cute.
Look forward to seeing you guys in our neck of the world.

Mark said...

Thanks. We'll be up your way to look for a place to live pretty soon. I'm excited to get up there and get started.

We would enjoy coming to see you in Arkansas. I just can't take time off work a month before I move, and I have finals right after THanksgiving. Hopefully the next time you are in Ark. we can make it.

kkbaher said...

Kieran & Kari Baher say you guys look wonderful! Wait to you see Illinois fall! Then again, maybe you can drive up & see Wisconsin fall! We miss you & look forward to your being closer to us.

a+2bare said...

Your family is sooo cute! Hello's from the Tafao's in Texas!