Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer Review

We have had a great summer and I am sorry to see it end. Hope has grown and blossomed so much. She is so sweet and cuddly and brings so much joy to each day. We are so very thankful for her! She is close to walking, doing a little bit of standing on her own, but hasn't taken those first steps yet. Here are some hightlights from the summer:In April, Ma-maw, Pa-paw, Aunt Di and Uncle Terry came up to visit from Arkansas. It was special!

Mark graduated at the beginning of May.

Hope's baby dedication was on Mother's Day.

Aunt Robin graduated and Hope and I got to go see it!

While in town for Robin's graduation, we got to play with our nephew/cousin Luke!

For Memorial Day we met Greg and Jodi in Chicago. Here we are eating Chicago style pizza.

The main reason for going to Chicago was to see a Cubs game - it was great!

In June Auntie Sherry came out to visit! We took a very fun trip to Nashville for a night and stayed in the Opryland Hotel.

In June we also went to Northern California to see Mark's family. Here is Hope with some 1st and 2nd cousins and her Great Grandma Franklin.

At the end of July Mark got to go see our new nephew Andrew, and our "old" nephew Luke. Not to mention Phil and Jill and a whole lot of other people too.

Hope turned one on August 3rd. We already put up pictures of that so I thought I'd share this one - she's so sweet!

In the beginning of September we took a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama. It was so fun to take a trip just the 3 of us. The beach there is perfect. We did a lot of relaxing. Hope did not like the sand or water so we didn't have to chase her around too much :)

We love it when she makes this face!

My favorite picture from the beach :)

And finally, Hope's first little pig tail. Thanks for looking at our pictures and to all of you who helped to make this a great summer!


sherry said...

She looks like such a big girl in the last picture! I miss you guys, and I'm looking forward to our next visit.

sherry said...

Hee hee. I just noticed your cheesy face in the mirror of the picture with Great Grandma:)

Mark said...

I was hoping no one would notice :)

RobinDayle said...

Hahaha....that's hilarious sherry. I was actually looking at the picture and thinking "wow, Hope looks like she'd rather get away from that couch actually". :-)
Oh, and the picture of her sleeping? That EXACTLY how I sleep too! hahaha.
She is getting so big...I can't wait to have that big girl running around at Christmastime. :-D

Love you guys.

Mark said...

Do you really sleep with your fingers in your mouth, and a diaper on? I'm surprised.

Stephanie said...


RobinDayle said...

Oh Mark...geeze. You're so silly. Of course I don't sleep with my fingers in my mouth.