Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thanks for Visiting Moore Family!

Mom, Dad and Robin came to visit for Hope's 1st b-day and got to stay for a week. It was a lot of fun! We were very spoiled while they were here. We even got to go out to see the Bourne Ultimatum. Here are some pictures from the week:

Hope with Auntie Robin

Hope with Grandpa.

Hope with Grandma.

In Cincinnati on the Purple People Bridge.

Hope deciding what she wants for dinner at Buckhead.

If anyone can guess what Robin's doing in this picture, you get a copy of it. :)


Jenn said...

Trying to make her reflection on the gorilla?

Mark said...

I don't even know what she was doing and I took the picture.

Plus, I think the first picture is extra cute. Hope's eyes are so big. She is looking at the giraffe like it could turn around and grab her at any moment. Way to stay alert Hope.


sherry said...

1. Check out those milk drinking skills!!

2. The strawberry outfit is a shirt. She needs clothes underneath it:)

Love you guys:)

Mark said...

This is Kentucky Sherry. Clothes are optional:)