Friday, August 10, 2007

Please Pray for Nathan

Nathan McLean is 3 years old, and was diagnosed in April with Neuroblastoma (Abdomen Stage IV). I don't know him personally. His dad goes to the Seminary I graduated from in the Spring. The past couple of months Nathan has been having chemotherapy. We have been praying for him, along with what seems like the whole city of Louisville. This week he had surgery to remove the primary tumor. Yesterday morning as I read the report of how he is doing I was moved to tell you about Nathan and ask you to pray for him also. It brings tears to my eyes and prayers to my mind every time I read what this little boy and his family are going through. Maybe it will do the same with you. To learn more about Nathan and what is going on with him go to his website.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing about Nathan. I also cried as I read his story. We will be remembering him and his family. Blessings to you all.

Cousin Jason said...

Several years ago while I was Associate Pastor in Casitas Springs, a two hear old boy in our church was diagnosed with cancer. The church began praying like mad. The family basically moved to the hospital, which had cabins for family of long term patients.

This little boy became a bright light of hope to that hospital community. Not because he responded well to treatment (which he did) but because of his attitude.

One day as this two-year-old boy and his mom were walking down the hall he said, "I know why God gave me cancer mommy."

"Why's that sweety?" his mom asked.

"Everybody in this hospital is so sad. He gave me cancer so I could tell them about Jesus."

When his mom shared this story the next Sunday, tears streaming down her face, I started to cry.

I'm praying for Nathan.

Mark said...

It is good to hear from you, and we are glad you guys have a blog now.

That is a powerful story. I would like to have the faith of a child.