Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hope's First Birthday Poem

Yesterday was Hope's birthday. We went to the zoo. We are having her party in an hour. Stephanie's parents and sister are in town. I'm sure we will be posting pictures of all these fun times soon. For now, here is Hope's first birthday poem from her dad.

"Three Cheers for Little Hopey!"

God's love is wise,
His plans devise
A home so filled with joy.

He had a plan,
It all began
With the Love
Of a girl and a boy.

Then one day
God did say
"New Life!"
And you were here.

As Daddy's eyes
Filled up with tears,
The heavens filled with cheers.

Three cheers for little Hopey,
Daddy's little girl.
Your smiles remind
There is behind
God's hand a gracious will.

Today you'll open presents,
But the greatest gift is you.
Today we plan to celebrate
Last year's big debut!


sherry said...

I wish I could see her enjoying her cake! Send her an Auntie squeeze, then smile really big and sing in a goofy voice, "So they say it's your birthday!"

Joseph Gould said...

Very nice!

Mark said...

She did enjoy the cake, although it took her a few minutes to get going. The party was fun. Hope is now officially a toddler. crazy!


kkbaher said...

Kieran & Kari Baher say: Beautiful poem, Mark. I remember reading your blog last year from Chicago and finding out she was here. Hard to believe a year has past! (Meanwhile, we just registered 9 year old Ethan for...4th grade! Not that I'm a towering giant, but he's up to my ear lobe now.)