Wednesday, August 22, 2007

$3 Worth of Gospel

From D. A. Carson's Basics for Believers: An Exposition of Philippians:

"I would like to buy about three dollars worth of gospel, please.

Not too much – just enough to make me happy, but not so much that I get addicted.

I don’t want so much gospel that I learn to really hate covetousness and lust.

I certainly don’t want so much that I start to love my enemies, cherish self-denial, and
contemplate missionary service in some alien culture.

I want ecstasy, not repentance;

I want transcendence, not transformation.

I would like to be cherished by some nice, forgiving, broad-minded people, but I myself don’t
want to love those from different races – especially if they smell.

I would like enough gospel to make my family secure and my children well behaved, but not
so much that I find my ambitions redirected or my giving too greatly enlarged.

I would like about three dollars worth of the gospel, please." (pp. 12-13)

HT: Justin Taylor


RobinDayle said...

This is amazing.

I might steal it. :-)

Mark said...

That is fine with us. We took it from someone who took it from someone else:)

kkbaher said...

Kieran and Kari Baher say: How sad, but, true!

Tasha said...

How did you connect with Justin Taylor? I like what he had to say, very thought provoking.

Mark said...

We've never met Justin Taylor, nor talked with him. We found his blog from a bunch of other blogs. It is one of the most popular and helpful blogs out there, and other blogs refer to it a lot.