Friday, July 20, 2007

Hope Today

Here are a few pictures of Hope from today. She is about to turn one in a couple of weeks - pretty unbelievable. She is crawling and pulling up on everything. We know those first steps will be coming up soon. She is such a big girl!

Sliding open the doors to the tv stand

Surrounded by toys

We love that grin!

She's comin to get the camera!

She loves those two fingers



Anonymous said...

Hope's big grins are obviously caused by the fact she has just realized that her grandma will be there in only 12 days!

Cousin Jason said...

The Office eh? Wow, that's really advanced for a one-year-old. I'm impressed ;-)

Mark and Stephanie said...

Yes, we are fairly sure her smiles are Grandma related.

She likes the cover more than the humor.

sherry said...

Give her a kiss from Auntie Sherry, will ya? :)

Mark and Stephanie said...

Auntie Sherry,
We will. I was just thinking about something this week. Many of the cutest clothes she wears are from you. The name on her wall is from you (If I remember correctly). She has been to visit you and you have been to visit her. You are definitely an excellent Auntie.


merea said...

You guys watch the Office?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Stephanie said...

Yes we do. We started about a month ago, and have watched about 8 episodes. So far I think it is hilarious. We are just beginning to watch the second season.

Do you watch it? I can't tell if your question was communicating "You watch the Office?! I love that show and watch it every time it is one," or "You watch the Office?! What kind of person would like the Office?!"