Friday, June 15, 2007

To Trinity and Beyond

As you see below, I have graduated from Southern Seminary with an M.Div.

Here is what is next:
In January I will enroll at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in the Ph.D. program in theological studies with an emphasis in historical theology. Trinity is a suburb of Chicago. We plan to move in December.

Coming to this decision was a long process. Last summer I came to the conclusion I definitely wanted to earn a Ph.D. Once we made that decision I struggled for several months whether to focus on systematic theology or on church history and historical theology. In September I began working as a research assistant to Dr. Greg Wills. This job, which mostly involves working with primary source documents confirmed that I want to spend a few years focusing on church history.

The next question was where to go. I only applied at Southern, and at Trinity. When both schools accepted me, this made for a very tough decision. We went back and forth several times, but eventually settled on going to Trinity. It looks like my supervisor will probably be Dr. Sweeney

We will be moving in December, Lord willing. We hope these next few years will be fruitful both in ministry and in academic preparation for future ministry.


Tasha said...

You are so lucky to go near Chicago. You are going to be within a couple hours (2 I think) of the Bahers. They have family in Chicago. You guys will have to connect! The Bahers are moving at the very beginning of July. How cool for you guys to be close.

Mark and Stephanie said...

That is cool. Thanks for the heads up. That will be nice to live near the Bahers again.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! The Bahers are FRESH back from 6000 feet up at glorious Hume Lake. We went for the FIRST ever & we went as camp counselors. Are we nuts or what? It was exhausting and dirty, but...WOW!!! 3 of my girls committed their lives to the Lord & 2 rededicated. It was an AWESOME week!

The Bahers ARE moving!!! LONG story, but, our house sold in 5 days and we are moving just outside Madison, WI. We will rent for a year while we learn the area. The truck comes THIS Friday & we start the 4 day drive back on Mon July 2.

WHY?! We feel that the Lord is asking us to give up the comforts we have surrounded ourselves with here so that we can live it out before friends & family. Family will be 1-5 hours from us. And, here's the wacky thing...we DON'T have jobs!!!

Ethan turned 9 on Friday while we were at Hume Lake. Ethan has a very "God" story and so his birthdays are always extra precious to us. We are blessed to have him.

Wow- so much to catch up on. We no longer have Bailey, Mickey, or Hondo. Hondo has an amazing story for only 11 months with us. But...on 2/14, we did adopt a cocker/lab mix puppy and...Ethan named her STEPHANIE!

God Bless! We really miss you and would absolutely LOVE to hook up with you once you move. AWESOME news!!!!

The 3 Bahers

Mark and Stephanie said...

It is great to hear from you guys. Madison is about 2.5 hours from Deerfield.

It sounds like you are going on quite an adventure. I won't have one when I move up there either.

Will you try to live on the EAst side of Madison?


merea said...

Well, what do ya know? Trinity. The decision was made, congrats.

By the way, my Dad now has a blog.

B. C. Lovato said...

Hey! Welcome to PhD land. Hope the move goes smoothly.

kkbaher said...

The Bahers are officially in Verona, WI. 314 Prairie Oaks Drive, Verona, WI 53593. Mind you, we had a TRUST IN GOD moment with regards to our Saint Lawrence Drive's just now, today, the 16th, closing escrow...2 weeks late. And, well, the moving truck hasn't arrived. But, we're safe. We're blessed. We're looking for jobs & a church. We miss you & hope that we can see you once we're closer.