Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Changing World

Watch at least the first 2 minutes of this video. As I watched this the intense music and incredible stats made me keep thinking, what does this mean for the spread of the gospel to the nations and to our neighbors. Enjoy.

HT: Joe Thorn


RobinDayle said...

Whoa. I got chills.
This should be shown on the nightly news, it would definitely do a number on America's ethnocentrisism. (sp?) America is no longer the biggest and baddest.

There's a big world in need of a big God.

Anonymous said...

Hey, What this video says to me is that humans are getting better. Stronger. Smarter. I find it unbelievable that someone dared to imagine that we, mere humans, could create something with a capacity higher than mans'. Can the creation be better than the creator? Can we program a computer to think better than us? And if we imageine we can create something to think "better" than man then aren't we saying that man can create better than God whom created us?

The stats in the video were impressive. But, a more impressive stat is that one God came to save all men. Let us focus on spreading that statistic.
Have a great day!

Mark and Stephanie said...

Thank you for your comments. Next time, please leave your name.

To your point. I see what you are saying. I thought that part was kind of strange also. I think the video said computers will surpass human beings in computational capacity. Maybe that is a little different than saying they will be able to "think better" than humans. I can see how computers may be able to crunch numbers quicker than humans someday, or already. Kind of like a crane is able to lift more than humans are able to.

I appreciate your desire to spread the message that Jesus came to bring salvation to the world. Thanks again for your input.