Friday, June 15, 2007

To Trinity and Beyond

As you see below, I have graduated from Southern Seminary with an M.Div.

Here is what is next:
In January I will enroll at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in the Ph.D. program in theological studies with an emphasis in historical theology. Trinity is a suburb of Chicago. We plan to move in December.

Coming to this decision was a long process. Last summer I came to the conclusion I definitely wanted to earn a Ph.D. Once we made that decision I struggled for several months whether to focus on systematic theology or on church history and historical theology. In September I began working as a research assistant to Dr. Greg Wills. This job, which mostly involves working with primary source documents confirmed that I want to spend a few years focusing on church history.

The next question was where to go. I only applied at Southern, and at Trinity. When both schools accepted me, this made for a very tough decision. We went back and forth several times, but eventually settled on going to Trinity. It looks like my supervisor will probably be Dr. Sweeney

We will be moving in December, Lord willing. We hope these next few years will be fruitful both in ministry and in academic preparation for future ministry.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Changing World

Watch at least the first 2 minutes of this video. As I watched this the intense music and incredible stats made me keep thinking, what does this mean for the spread of the gospel to the nations and to our neighbors. Enjoy.

HT: Joe Thorn

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Graduation Festivities

On May 18, 2007, Mark graduated with his Masters of Divinity. It was a beautiful day, and the graduation ceremony was smooth and special. We celebrated afterwards with a chili dog and cheetos lunch (Mark's favorite). Hope was a little tired by the end of the ceremony as you can tell.

We had a little party for Mark on the night of graduation. It was a fun time to celebrate this milestone. Yes, we are sunburned in this picture.

Mark's mom and I made all the desserts for the party. I found these cupcakes at and decided to try them out. I think they turned out pretty cute. We had a lot left over though, so hopefully they tasted good :)

Hope enjoying herself at the party. Who needs toys when cups are around?

Here we are in Dr. Mohler's library. Hope and Daddy got a picture by Charles Spurgeon.

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! We had a great time with Mark's parents. They were very helpful and spoiled us while they were here. Mark's dad gave him a special Bible for graduation and they got us Costco membership! Here is a picture of Hope and Nanny at Huber Farm.

Here is a picture of Hope and Papa just relaxing.