Friday, May 25, 2007

What Every Guy Needs to Know

So I am thinking towards a sermon I will be preaching at a youth camp next month. I will be speaking on leadership. I am finding Boundless to be a great resource. I am thinking towards really emphasizing the Biblical call for men to be intentional, to be courageous, and to stand up and lead. I think I'm going to call on the guys at the camp to a counter-cultural goal of becoming a man as soon as possible, rather than striving to stretch adolescence out as far as possible.

If you are a guy, and especially a single guy, you should read "What Girls Wish You Knew" by Suzanne Hadley. And if you are a girl, you should read it too.

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RobinDayle said...

That article is awesome...and so true.

Haha...Mark, you should come speak at CalBaptist, too. There's a lot of confused little boys there still holding on for dear life to their youth.

Miss ya'll.