Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Blessing

When we first moved here almost 3 years ago, we were invited out to lunch by Todd and Emily Pellowe on one of our first Sundays at our church, 9th and O. Todd and Emily are great like that. They have become great friends, and are great friends to all. Looking back over the past 3 years, we have spent a few holidays together and have gone through large life events together, including the births of 4 children. When we lost Paul, T&E stood by our sides, prayed for us, gave to us, and continued to talk with us about him. Emily is a great mom and nurse, so I often talk over baby issues with her. We love to get together with the Pellowes and play Settlers of Catan (if you've never played it, its like a mix between Risk and Monopoly - great fun!). Todd is a wedding photographer here in Louisville, and not just any wedding photographer, a great one. Last Tuesday, the 22nd, Emily gave birth to their 2nd daughter, Lerran. Todd created a beautiful slide show of the events surrounding the birth and I wanted to share because I thought it was so beautiful. We are so thankful for our good friends.

Emily and I at her Baby Blessing Shower for Lerran.


Leslie said...

Hi Mark and Stephanie, I'm not sure if you remeber who I am, I am friends with robin, my name used to be Leslie Newkirk, but now it is Leslie Blair because I married David Blair. I admit that even though we are not close friends I read your blog occasionally. David and I are moving to Southern in August and we're very exciting about this new stage in our lives. David is also a wedding photographer and he has recently been researching the photographers who are there currently. He was just telling me yesterday that one of the first things he wants to do when we get there is meet Todd. He will be so happy to hear that he is a solid believer that could be a potential first friend. Just thought I'd comment... not really a point to any of this... May God bless you and keep you.
Leslie Blair

sherry said...

That was beautiful! I love how their daughter seemed very invited/involved! Am I allowed to cry tears of joy for people I haven't met? :)

sherry said...

The San Francisco country radio station is currently mocking Livermore. They're on their way to Livermore (from the city) and they're acting like it's a totally different state. They are calling it Livermore-tucky. The ultimate poking fun! Thought I would share;)

Mark and Stephanie said...

Hey Leslie, of course I remember you :) We hope to be able to introduce you to Todd. Please keep in touch about your move, when you will be here, where you'll be living ect. If you have any questions about anything, please contact us! My e-mail address is stephkrogers@hotmail.com. We look forward to having more Californians here!


Mark and Stephanie said...


You are certainly allowed to cry for other people you haven't met. Completely normal :)

We need to set up a phone date about your trip. How about tonight?

Livermore-tucky. How rude. Livermore is like a booming city if you ask me. They OBVIOUSly. haven't spent any time there.


RobinDayle said...

1. I miss you
2. I bought something for Hope in Mexico...I'm totally gonna send it this week. :-)
3. I updated my blog with pictures from the cruise...mostly just for you. :-)

Love you!

sherry said...

I just read this:( I guess I missed our phone date.