Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hope is Born

God is so good. At 1:30pm on August 3rd, Hope Elisabeth was born into the world, via c-section. She was 7 pounds, 18 inches long, and absolutely beautiful. You can see for yourself. Both Mom and Daughter are doing very well. I have been kind of speechless the past 36 hours. I just keep smiling, thanking God, and telling people about Hope's birth and beauty. Here is a picture. There are more where this came from.


Kyle and Team said...

We are headed to church and I thought I'd check status on the baby. Our team cheered for you from Madurai, India! God is so good. We are so very excieted for your growing family. She's beautiful! I saw a basenett today in a store and thought of your guys. Congrates from Tasha, Kyle, Sherry, Perry, Kaitlin, and Matt.

sherry said...

And, congrats from this Sherry, too. I'm thrilled! I can't wait to meet her!

Jason Franklin said...

Awesome Mark. We are rejoicing with you. Your Mom sent us an email with the joyful news.

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

Let us know when next you'll be out this way and we'll make a point of seeing you guys.

God is awesome!

Jenn said...

Jason's wife here... Maggie says, "Hooray! My first girl cousin!"

Thank you Lord for answered prayer.

Glenna Marshall said...

Hi Mark,
I do not know you. I got to your blog from Freddy T's (a dear friend of my husband and me). I read over some of your past posts, and my heart grieved to read of your loss of your son. I pray that the wonderful life of Hope will help to somehow heal your hearts. While I've never had children and I cannot really know how to encourage you, I do know some sorrow and I know that clinging to God's goodness is a great comfort. I rejoice with you, brother, over the birth of your daughter. May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and your family.

Glenna Marshall

Kieran-Kari-Ethan Baher said...

We're wrapping up a visit to Chicago to see family. I logged on to print tomorrow's boarding passes. While on line, Kieran & I figured out what your website would be. We've been praying throughout this pregnancy, and, well, for this past year. OH MY! Congratulations are not enough! We are elated for the both of you. God is so good! And, a big extra hug for Stephanie because I know first hand that being a member of the "C-Section Club" is no easy task!!! The Baher Family

sherry said...

Is "there are more where this came from" a threat? Nobody likes empty threats:)

Mark said...

I guess I've just had better things to do than to update my blog:) But thank you for reminding me. There should be more pictures up by tomorrow - and that is not a threat.