Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Picture of Hope Elisabeth

Here she is at week 23. We think she is pretty cute. Her favorite position seems to be with her arms near her face. It is so amazing how tiny she is (just 1 pound, a little larger than a banana) and yet so perfectly formed. We are so thankful for her.
Well, I'm sitting here listening to the Giants game online and watching the gamecast of the Kings/Spurs game. I decided I'd try to put a picture on my blog for the first time.

I decided this was a good one... my rock n' roll family. My nephew in the front definitely rocks the hardest. Although his older brother has taught him just about everything he knows. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Paul - we miss you

Today was the first really nice day of Spring here in Louisville. The flowers are about to bloom just like they were last year at this time. The weather can't help but bring a smile to your face. We love Spring time. Baseball, flowers, long days, warm weather - so much joy and hope in a season. Until last year I had never had a bad Spring. Last year was the worst of my life. This year is different. We are excited about Spring, and the hopes of the future. But our joy is muted by memories of how much more joy there could be today. I am glad Paul was born right as everything bloomed. His life was like a Spring flower. Beautiful, powerful, short. Every Spring for the rest of our lives will remind us of our first son, Paul Hudson. Every time the flowers bloom, every year when baseball starts, every year when we take long family walks in the cool late evening --- we will remember Paul and celebrate his life.

Happy first birthday son - we love you and we miss you.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Billy Sunday and Sin

I've spent all day studying early 20th century Fundamentalism. These guys had some hilarious quotes. Here is one by Billy Sunday:

"I'm against sin. I'll kick it as long as I've got a foot, and I'll fight it as long as I've got a fist. I'll butt it as long as I've got a head. I'll bite it as long as I've got a tooth. And when I'm old and fistless and footless and toothless, I'll gum it till I go home to Glory and it goes home to perdition."

You don't hear that kind of preaching every day.....