Friday, January 21, 2005

Christ-Exalting Marriage

Many discussions about marriage revolve around, “how to have a happy marriage,” or “how to make your love last a lifetime.” While those goals are good and justified, they are not ultimate. The ultimate goal of marriage is to glorify God, to exalt Christ. Of course, this should be assumed for any follower of Christ, since all of life is to be about making much of God (1 Cor. 10:31). But we must be careful not to leave the most profound and important things in life assumed, or they will eventually be ignored. Marriage, family, raising children; all of these are given to us to help us better understand the nature of God and to display His beauty to a watching world. Paul made this clear in Ephesians 5 when in the midst of the most beautiful instructions for married people ever written, he wrote, “This is a profound mystery-but I am talking about Christ and the church.”

Therefore, when we speak of getting married or being married, there is much more at stake than whether our love will last, or if we will be happy. There is much more on the line, including the fame of Christ, the reputation of His church, and the ability for others to grasp and embrace God’s love (of course none of those things will happen if our marriage doesn't last, or has no joy). This is why we must not take marriage lightly or enter into it selfishly. And once we have entered into this sacred covenant, we must be jealous to guard against any enemy that would rob the Lord Jesus of His rightful honor. And the enemies are legion. In the next few blogs I will write about some of the things that I believe are enemies to Christ-exalting marriage.

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Pete said...

Mark, this post was a blessing. Thanks. I am very excited for you and Steph and your baby also. I get to hear about it frequently from Robin. I work with her.