Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the bridge

I just wanted to let ya know that I haven't quit bloggin. I've just been busy. I hope to write about enemy #2 this weekend.

But here's a quick thought. The blurb of my blog is, "thoughts on my little life and awe of our awesome God." Well, I was thinking about that, in relation to the true truth that we humans are made in the image of God. God has made us as the supreme part of His creation... we have the capacity to reflect and glorify God like nothing else in this universe. Becuase of this, I probably shouldn't say "my little life." It reminds me of a Francis Schaeffer book, "No Little People." That is true, there really are no little people. Human beings have utmost value, because we are made in the image of the infinitely glorious God. Five, applications of this truth: We should examine the way we treat those we consider "little" people (who are they to you? servers? grumpy or obnoxious people? Second, this is part of what makes sin so awful. It takes people who are designed to be something so spectacular and turns us into ugly sinners. Thirdly, the point of salvation is to make us truly human again... to make us into the God-reflectors we were designed to be. Fourthly, I should probably change the little subtitle of my blog. But I'm not going to, because my life is still oh so small compared to the Lord's. Fifthly, go buy something by Francis Schaeffer. I see a lot of people on this little blog network are into C.S. Lewis. Schaeffer is the Lewis of the late 20th century. He is better than anyone I've read at pointing out the spirit of our age, and helping me see things about the way I think that just don't line up with what I say I believe.


sherry said...

Your perspective is refreshing, Mark. What a beautiful role..."God-reflectors." I will humbly consder that role this week. We are so unworthy, except for the fact that God has made us worthy. It's one of the great paradoxes of the faith...we fall so short, but we are a vital part of God's purpose. It seems trendy in Christianity today to acknowledge our weaknesses, but we fail to recognize who we are as His chosen people. Thanks for reminding me.

PT Barnum said...

wonderful book I must say, "No Little People." A dear friend once gave it to me as a gift. Of course prior to reading it I found myself saying, "Is this another short person joke? Some treatise for the extermination of wee folk?" Hahaha, but awful and prideful and original sin-like for us to look at God's creation as something less than ourselves. And for us to not acknowledge our own origins or Origin as it truly is. Thank God for Jesus Christ, His Son, who enables us to become human again. - tw

Mark said...

Sherry, yeah, it is amazing to think of ourselves as God's chosen people. I think the title that most amazes me is "brother of Jesus Christ." To be a child of God is awesome enough, but for Jesus to call me His brother is mind boggling.

Tyler, way to hit the ball man. I had written a little people joke into my first blog, but then thought it would be more fun to set you up for it. I knew I could count on you. Hey, what did you mean by, "how awful and prideful and original sin-like for us to look at God's creation as something less than ourselves."

"Human Again" that would be a great title for a book.

PT Barnum said...

that we would look at other humans as "little people" or as less than ourselves is what I meant. It's a prideful, original sinesque situation, and i do it everyday...horrible. - tw

Mark said...

I understand now. Sinful pride... it lurks around every corner of the heart.

PT Barnum said...

And so does BLUUUUUDDDDDD....HAHAHAHAHAHA! Really though, unless I'm missing something terribly ( which is usually the case), I've always thought of the tag "little" before people as just a modifier to help recognize someone. Just as "white" people, "black" people, "big" people, etc. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not as innocent as I let off here, but that's all I really thought about with this subject, which is way off subject; I know this isn't the point. I think you guys and gals really fleshed out what flesh is all about, or at least you have a great idea about it.
Paul Chapman
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I really miss y'all. Sherry, don't even think about it...blogger.AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!